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Whirlpool bathtubs

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    Whirlpool Bathtub Bis Treesse

    Whirlpool bathtub Bis by Gruppo Treesse. The bath tub is equipped with whirlpool and airpool with digital system, disinfection and remote control.
    Measure: 190x150x64h cm.

    Bathtub features: 8 whirlpool jets, 24 airpool jets, two white headrests, two handles, level sensor, drain column. Faucets not included.

    Possible installations: built-in installation (no panels), corner installation (two panels) or freestanding installation (four panels).

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    € 0.00 excl. VAT

    Bathtub Mode Hafro

    Mode 180x75 cm bathtub, corner installation. Available in three versions: whirlpool, airpool, professional whirlpool airpool.
    € 3569.00 excl. VAT

    Professional whirlpool airpool Bathtub Era Plus Hafro

    Era Plus 180x120/70 cm Professional Whirpool-Airpool bathtub with corner installation.

    PROFESSIONAL WHIRLPOOL AIRPOOL SYSTEM. Two different hydromassage system (whirlpool airpool) are combined together to dissolve the tensions, to invigorate the tissues and to stimulate the blood circulation in a global and complete approach.
    € 4911.00 excl. VAT

    Hydromassage bathtub Hafro Bolla Q Sfioro

    Bolla Q Bathtub 190x190 cm with airpool hydromassage, automatic water recirculating system.

    Beauty and wellbeing project improves itself thanks to Bolla Q freestanding edition, with solid surface finishing panels.

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    € 8190.00 excl. VAT

    Corian® Bathtub Sensual Hafro

    Sensual 220 - Corian® bathtub, freestanding installation. Measurement 220x120 cm.

    The inside design gives the possibility to lay in an extreme relaxing position. Corian made and supplied with airpool hydromassage system, becomes the heart of bathroom where beauty gives a new meaning to the functions, and open new horizons of style, comfort and project.

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    € 10374.00 excl. VAT

    Built in bathtub Hafro Bolla Q Sfioro

    Bolla Q Sfioro bathtub with automatic recirculating water system, equipped with heater and water disinfection system. Tap not included.
    The bathtub is equipped with the four solid surface tops.
    Bolla Q is a square hydromassage tub, designed for your pleasure.
    € 8190.00 excl. VAT