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Bathroom vessel sinks collection made of white or colored Luxolid and available in different finishes.
The Bonzo collection sink bowls are available in different sizes: Bonzo S, Bonzo M, Bonzo L and Bonzo C1.
All the sinks in the collection include a waste plug in the same finish of the sink.
€ 409.50 excl. VAT € 630.00 excl. VAT
Free standing washbasin made entirely of Flumood. The washbasin can be purchased in so many different finishes.
The washbasin can be purchased in the fully colored version with Flumood or Colormood finishes, and in the version colored only on the outside for all other finishes.
The product comes with an always open waste drain with a cover in the same finish, a bottle trap and a flexible hose.
Dimensions: diameter 50 cm, H. 85 cm.
€ 1785.00 excl. VAT € 2100.00 excl. VAT
Freestanding washbasin made of stone, complete with drain pipe fitting and plug, trap and flexible hose.
Two materials available: Carrara marble or Nero Marquinia.
Dimensions of the washbasin: 50x50x85 cm.
€ 7899.90 excl. VAT € 9294.00 excl. VAT
Countertop washbasin made of matt white Flumood. The product is also available in the version colored on the outside. The washbasin contains a chromed free flow waste drain and a flexible hose for the siphon.
The sink dimensions: 53x53x18 cm.
€ 453.90 excl. VAT € 534.00 excl. VAT
Rectangular countertop bathrom sink made of Flumood, mat white finish. The sink is complete with drain pipe, fitting and open plug. Dimensions: 61x41x15,5 cm.
€ 583.95 excl. VAT € 687.00 excl. VAT
Freestanding basin with floor drainage, a free flow waste plug, a siphon and a rigid hose.
The material is made with a special resin and is available in 10 different finishes.
Size: 50x47,6x85 cm.
€ 3904.05 excl. VAT € 4593.00 excl. VAT
Freestanding washbasin with floor drain made of biobased Cristalplant or flumood. The product comes with an always open waste drain, a bottle trap and a flexible hose. The sink can be ordered colored on the outside.
Size: Ø 50,4 cm, H. 90 cm.
€ 2280.55 excl. VAT € 2683.00 excl. VAT
Countertop washbasin; the soft enveloping lines and the thin edge give life to a special contemporary washbasin.
The bathroom sink is made of Flumood and is available in the total white version, as well as in the version colored on the outside.
The washbasin can be equipped with either a chromed waste or a waste with a Flumood cover. The dimensions of the sink: 60x40x15 cm.
€ 453.90 excl. VAT € 534.00 excl. VAT
Countertop washbasin made of Cristalmood, and available in different colors. The soft lines and thin edges make the bathroom sink contemporary and unique. The washbasin is equipped with a free flow waste and a flexible hose for the siphon.
The washbasin size: W.60xD.40xH.15 cm.
€ 761.60 excl. VAT € 896.00 excl. VAT
Freestanding washbasin made of Flumood ( Solid Surface) characterized by a delicate and apparently irregular texture reminiscent of fabric.
The washbasin has a floor drain, a free flow waste, a trap bottle and a flexible hose.
The product can be chosen in the version colored on the outside.
A washbasin with a 47 cm diameter and a 85 cm of height.
€ 2152.20 excl. VAT € 2532.00 excl. VAT
Freestanding washbasin made entirely of Carrara marble, with a floor waste, with or without LED lighting. The washbasin contains a free flow drain, a trap bottle, and a rigid pipe. The concentric staggered and superimposed layers determine a play of chiaroscuro which can be emphasized by the use of light.
The washbasin dimensions: L. 47 cm, H. 85 cm. Designer Paolo Ulian.
For more information or for a customized quote, contact-us!
€ 7603.25 excl. VAT € 8945.00 excl. VAT
Wall-hung rectangular washbasin made of stainless steel. The washbasin contains a steel tap, a free flow waste and a flexible hose for the siphon. The basin is without overflow.
Size L. 72 cm, P. 46 cm, H. 27,5 cm.
€ 3366.00 excl. VAT € 3960.00 excl. VAT
Freestanding washbasin made of a round basin (H. 16 cm, Ø 50 cm), and a freestanding column (H. 74 cm, Ø 30 cm).
The two components of the washbasin are available in colored Cristalmood or in white Marquinia or Carrara marble. The washbasin contains a free flow drain, a flexible hose for the siphon, and a siphon with a rigid pipe.
€ 3170.50 excl. VAT € 3730.00 excl. VAT
Freestanding bathroom sink made entirely of Carrara marble. The washbasin results from the superimposition of layers with increasing dimensions. The washbasin with a floor waste contains a free flow drain, a trap bottle and a flexible hose.
Approximate weight of the washbasin: 80 kg.
Height of the washbasin: 84,5 cm.
For more information or for a customized quote, contact us!
€ 9058.45 excl. VAT € 10657.00 excl. VAT
Encased bathroom sink made of Corian, complete with inspectable drain, trap and flexible hose.
The washbasin can be completed with LED light..
Size 81x85x38 cm.
€ 3031.95 excl. VAT € 3567.00 excl. VAT
Washbasin with countertop installation realised in marble of Carrara with parallel lines typical of the fashion world.
The washbasin includes a waste plug with free drain and the fitting for the siphon.
The collection of washbasin Gessati of Antonio Lupi proposed different models with oval and rectangular forms.
the washbasin are available in three different finishes: round, oval or rectangular.
€ 2318.80 excl. VAT € 2728.00 excl. VAT
Freestanding washbasin realised with the overlap of the two different geometric forms in black marble Marquina and in colored Cristalmood.
Dimensions of the washbasin in colored Cristalmood: 48x48xh.20,5 cm.
Dimension of the column in marble Marquina: 28x28xh.65,5 cm.
€ 4465.05 excl. VAT € 5253.00 excl. VAT
Collection of matt white washbasin with countertop installation or on the wall realised in Flumood; they include a waste plug with free drain and the fitting for the siphon.
The sinks are proposed in five different measures and are predisposed for the installation of the tabs on the surface. (For more information, consult the technic details of the products).
€ 527.85 excl. VAT € 621.00 excl. VAT
Bolgheri is a new freestanding washbasin made by Antonio Lupi and inspired be the colors of the Tuscany traditions. The washbasin is realised by a solid column of natural or toasted cork and of a Cristalmood washbasin.
The proposed colors for the washbasin in Cristalmood are inspired to the nature, the leaves, the grapes and see of Tuscany.
The contrast between the different shapes, textures and materials characterise the washbasin Bolgheri
€ 2598.45 excl. VAT € 3057.00 excl. VAT
Rectangular washbasin on the wall with round corners, realised in matt white Flumood, include a waste plug with free drain and fitting for the siphon.
The smooth interior of the washbasin contrasts with the material texture of the exterior.
As this washbasin has a small dimension (25x45xh.21 cm), it can be installed in the smallest bathrooms. The small washbasin can be installed on the wall either on the long side, or on the short side.
The washbasin is made of Flumood, an innovative matt white, ecological, non-porous material and easily restored in case of scratches due to daily use. The Flumood also allows easy cleaning even with common cleaning products.
€ 375.70 excl. VAT € 442.00 excl. VAT

An essential element to complete the bathroom furniture is certainly the sink. Today the sink is a highly customizable object in everything: shapes, sizes, finishes, material and type of installation. Also in this case the wide choice of models available allows us to have complete control of the bathroom project.

Versatile and modern countertop washbasins

If you have already found the bathroom furniture you like, the countertop washbasin can complete the look without particular installation restrictions, material compatibility or shape. The sink can give personality to the furniture without limiting imagination and creativity. These products are available in many shapes, colors and materials; you just have to browse our extensive catalog and choose the version that best suits your furniture and your style. From the rectangular to the round washbasin, from the colored ceramic or Corian version, you will have so much choice.

The wall-hung washbasin, comfortable and timeless

In some cases, the suspended bathroom sink may be the most suitable choice. The washbasin with wall installation is particularly suitable for smaller rooms: comfortable and functional, it can also be inserted in confined spaces, making even the narrowest corners of the bathroom functional. This particular type could also be the best solution for bathrooms with a modern and contemporary style. What do you think of a wall-mounted washbasin completed with a chest of drawers? The bathroom furniture can be customized with drawers, tops or open compartments in the shapes and sizes you prefer.

Another aspect to consider is the possibility of choosing the installation height of the sink according to your specific needs.

The unique and original freestanding washbasin.

The freestanding or pedestal washbasin is a very original choice. Its essential shape makes it a piece of furniture with a great visual impact that will certainly not go unnoticed. Due to the lack of drawers and open compartments, it is usually not advisable to choose this sink for everyday bathrooms or laundries.

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