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    Shower set Taya La Torre

    Shower set Taya La Torre. Shower set complete of thermostatic shower mixer, overhead shower and hand shower.
    Chrome finishing.
    € 798.00 excl. VAT

    Shower kit with shower mixer Nanotech Treemme

    Shower kit with shower mixer Nanotech Treemme. Composed with hook, flexible and handshower kit.

    A modern design, together with technological innovation, simple and harmonious shapes are the ideas behind the new Nanotech series, born from a desire to create an elegant object, meeting the demands of an attentive and exigent market.
    € 543.00 excl. VAT

    Shower Compound with Showerhead Ispa Gessi

    Shower compound with showerhead Ispa Gessi: ceiling-mounted adjustable and antilimestone showerhead 220x220 mm, 270 mm length, 1/2" connections. External and built-in parts for wall fixing ISPA waterfall shower spout with separate control (not included). External and built-in parts for thermostatic high-capacity mixer, 3/4” connections. Vertical/horizontal setting-up with FOUR SEPARATE EXITS. Functioning field from 0,5 bar to 5 bar (for greater pressures integrate water-flow limiting devices). Water-flow capacity to 3 bar with a single exit around 40 l/min. Handshower hook with 1/2" connection water outlet. Lateral body jet. Antilimestone handshower with white insert. 1,50 m Cromalux flexible hose with conic 1/2" connections.
    € 4326.23 excl. VAT

    Wellness Shower with chromotherapy Calflex MyDream

    Wellness Shower system Calflex MyDream compesed of:
    - Multifunction buil-in shower head, 61x61 cm, in chromed brass stainless steel, 605 nozzles in non-liming silicon, inspectionable and serviceable with 3 jets: rain perimetral rain, central rain. Shower head with chromotherapy and switch control with 3 bottons composed of brass plate.
    - Wall waterfall in chromed brass with inspectionable cartridge and jet adjustable to the operating pressure.
    - 4 Adjustable built in body jets in chromed brass, anti-calc, inspectionable, 1 rain jet.
    - Handshower composed of: single jet shower in brass, anti-calc, inspectionable; fixed built-in support in brass; anti-torsion flexible hose cm 150 in smooth PVC.
    - Thermostatic Mixer Calflex Square. High flow thermostatic tap in chromed brass. (5 ways thermostatic).
    € 4956.00 excl. VAT

    Complete shower set Wings La Torre

    Complete shower set Wings La Torre. Built-in shower mixer with overhead shower and shower set.
    Chrome finishing.
    € 706.00 excl. VAT

    Shower System It

    Complete shower system Calflex MySlim with:
    - Wall Shower head in chrome plated stainless steel, 3 mm ultra thing showerhead, Anti-calc system, inspectionable and serviceable, 1 rain jet.
    - Thermostatic tap in chrome plated stainless steel, built-in.
    - ABS Handshower
    € 667.00 excl. VAT