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    Kastel Kicca Polypropylene Chair (2 chairs)

    Kastel Kicca Polypropylene Chair (2 chairs). Chair by polypropylene. Availabe in different finishings.
    Size: W.54 cm H.76 cm
    € 180.00 excl. VAT

    Chair Everyday Myyour

    Chair Everyday Myyour 80x80x40 cm

    Here is the irreverence of Myyour: the missing seat in thr overdo chair market. Many colored versions are available for this chair with different shades, in either embossed or glossy material.
    € 181.00 excl. VAT

    Armchair junior with soft balls Gumball Plust

    Special edition of armchair Junior Gumball Plust. A strong and ergonomic 1-seater junior chair with no edges for children during playtime and relaxation time. The special edition is filled with thousands of colored balls that come through the translucent and soft surface available. Design: Alberto Brogliato Design: Alberto Brogliato

    Size: 70x64xh49 cm
    Material: Polyethylene
    Armchair Gumball - Plust collection
    € 248.00 excl. VAT

    Living Outdoor Sofa Talenti Stripe, taupe colors

    Talenti Stripe taupe sofa.
    Fabric garden sofa with removable cover. Decorative cushions (50x50cm; 45x45cm; 45x20cm) are included in the price. Seat and decorative cushions have quick dry foam padding and are made of Sunbrella or Mecis fabric. Cushions with removable covers are easy to wash, water-resistant and UV-resistant. Stripe in Plastitex fabric are available in taupe color. The tempered silk-screen printed glass is the same color as the frame with a shiny finish.

    - Sofa 210 x 81 x h 78 cm
    € 2340.50 excl. VAT

    Chair Miss Petra Myyour

    Chair Miss Petra de Myyour 81x74x60 cm.

    The extremely soft curves of Miss Petra defy gravity with an overwhelming resistance. This slender form, which does not have any edges, hides a powerful structure that is made with a large amount of colored polyethylene and through the use of rotational technology. Miss Petra is eccentric, taut as a bow and as enveloping as a warm embrace. Miss Petra lives its own life in the midst of space. This elegant and dynamic chair has been made with a series of empty spaces, which have been created here and there as to give the impression of being suspended in air. It seems as if it has been deliberately designed to add a touch of unique charm to the simple act of sitting. It is sophisticated, unusual and extremely comfortable. It is an ideal choice for waiting areas or relaxing spaces and even to customize any indoor or outdoor with decorative solutions and a touch of creative flair. The Chair Miss Petra by Myyour is made from a rich palette of colors and comes in three different versions: embossed print, glossy paint or faux leather upholstery for outdoors. Even though it can be perceived as being subtle and ethereal, its structure is 5 to 6 millimeters thick and has been designed to enhance its elasticity and resistance.
    € 272.00 excl. VAT

    Easy chair Cleo Teak Talenti

    Cleo Teak Fabric easy chair with removable cover with armrests.
    The seat and back cushions are padded with quick dry foam and are upholstered in Sunbrella fabric. The cushions are removable, easy to clean, resistant to water and UV rays.
    Dimensions: 90 x 80 x 73 cm.
    Design by Marco Acerbis Collezione Cleo Talenti.

    Volumes, shapes and balance are the key elements of Cleo collection. It is a composition of objects that can be arranged in multiple layouts but always maintain a sense of calm, elegance and simplicity. The balance between the rigid, geometrical but flexible shape of the sofa finds its counterpart in the softness of the lounge chairs. The family comprises also of many other different elements that freely take part in a play between characters that shall easily and happily respond to any mood of your day.

    For additional protection, we recommend the use of our covers during winter or rainy periods and at night.

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    € 1168.50 excl. VAT