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Outdoor Jacuzzi whirlpool tub Minipool Maya Gruppo Treesse

Maya minipool with Ghost System® whirlpool by Gruppo Treesse.
Bathtub made in fiberglass equipped with electric control and water recirculation system. Size: 260x205x95h cm.
Minipool equipped with:
- 40 whirlpool jets 
- level sensor
- water recirculation system with two cartridge filters
- water temperature stabilizer
- chromotherapy with single perimeter leds on superior hydromassage.
Manufacturer: GRUPPO TREESSE
SKU: V232I
€ 13800.00 excl. VAT
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The minipool Maya is equipped with the pantented hydromassage GHOST SYSTEM©, a truly invisible hydromassage system, for designs with absolutely clean lines and tubs completely free of external outlets and jets. The GHOST SYSTEM©, an exclusive Treesse patent, is named for the invisibility of its hydromassage system, completely built-in inside the tub. The system features a thin opening around the inside edges that houses a great number of properly oriented jets.


The hydromassage has positive effects against disorders such as insomnia and nervousness: moreover it eases the muscles relaxation and it’s perfect after sport.

It increase the bloodstream and contributes to the blood pressure’s decrease; thanks to its massaging action, it has also benefits against cellulite. The water temperature is very important: the water on 37-38° is decontracturing and it favors the circulation, while the colder has a tonic-stimulating effect. The hydromassage gifts mental harmony, relaxation and physical well-being.



The LED lighting system is standard on the superior edge, it’s an optional on the lower part. This creates a blade of light that “magically” animates the hydromassage inside the tub.