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The sun chair Cloe is a synonym of comfort and relax.
Size: 220x69x54 cm
€ 773.00 excl. VAT
Zoe is a sinuous and luxurious sun lounger that represents comfort at its fullest, thanks to an original and sophisticated well hidden mechanism. There is in fact a small gas piston inside the sun lounger, which was developed by Myyour following an accurate study and a long process of experimentation. This piston enables a comfortable adjust of the backrest to the desired position without having to get out of the sun lounger, and simply pressing the button placed underneath the frame.
Zoe is the original and innovative sun lounger that allows you to switch from a lying position into a sitting position at any time and as often as you wish.
Zoe has three different finishes - embossed print, glossy paint, or with ecoleather upholstery - and a wide color selection.
These sun loungers have a fantastic versatility: they can be used in open spaces and in closed ones too, since they are not affected by temperatures ranging from +60° to -20°C; all the metallic devices are entirely made with aluminum or with 316 steel, enabling them to resist to any atmospheric conditions.
Measures: H.59 cm, W. 69 cm, D.223 cm.
€ 1310.00 excl. VAT
Chair Miss Petra de Myyour 81x74x60 cm.
€ 360.00 excl. VAT
Wall hung helmet holder Crazy Head Myyour with compartment and clothes hook.
€ 65.00 excl. VAT
Chair Lily by Myyour 91x69x63 cm
€ 233.00 excl. VAT
The armchair Lily by the Italian design company Myyour has been designed for those who wish to embellish their indoor and outdoor home spaces with an innovative touch of convenience and comfort.
Dimensions: H.91x85x81 cm.
Material: Embossed and printed polyethylene or glossy paint polyethylene.
€ 417.00 excl. VAT
Myyour's Lily sofa has been designed for those who wish to embellish their garden and outdoor home spaces with an innovative touch of convenience and comfort. Lily collection of garden and outdoor furniture reinvents the values of hospitality with its elegant chairs, large armchairs, sofas for three people and conveniently low table.
€ 740.00 excl. VAT
The table Lily belongs to a collection designed by the Italian company of design furnishings to embellish every outside space with an innovative, practical and comfortable touch.
€ 240.00 excl. VAT
The design stool Chips by Myyour. Size: 48 x 52 x 93 H.cm
€ 180.00 excl. VAT
Poleasy® floor lamp with Led Light.
Dimensions 210x38x48 cm
€ 1325.00 excl. VAT
Poleasy® floor lamp with RGB Led light.
Size: 210x38x48 cm
€ 1695.00 excl. VAT
The poufs Mr. Lem by Myyour have clear lines and a simple shape, without losing sight of the more practical aspects and making them for example easily stackable, thanks to their symmetry.
Dimensions: H. 45 x 51 x 50,4 cm
Indoor and outdoor use.
Different colors available.
With Mr. Lem Pouf Myyour has tried to join the in & the outdoor by abandoning the classic shapes of the pouf and using a “small space ship” and the first landing on the Moon as a source of inspiration. A product with identifiable features that remains easily fixed in one’s memory.
€ 105.00 excl. VAT
Nefòs Poleasy® pendant lamp.
- Measures H32 x L122 x W69 cm
- Ceiling distance 63,5-93,5 cm
- 2x E27 32W light bulbLight
€ 445.00 excl. VAT
Lovely, casual and smart, TULIP are the lamps created by MYYOUR for the in and outdoor use to remsemble a tulip.
Dimensioni: W.37 H.151 cm.
€ 609.00 excl. VAT
Skin Pot by Myyour, suitable both for the indoor and outdoor and available in different finishes (no light) and in 2 dimensions:
Skin Pot S: Ø 55 cm, H. 60 cm
Skin Pot L: Ø 60 cm, H. 120 cm.
€ 201.00 excl. VAT
The flower pots with light are available both in the indoor and outdoor version, and in many different colours.
€ 281.00 excl. VAT
Lamp with Led light, indoor use.
€ 95.00 excl. VAT
Pandora stool by the Italian design company Myyour, available in three sizes:
- Pandora S: 31x55 cm
- Pandora M: 44x44 cm
- Pandora L: 40,5x70 cm

€ 124.00 excl. VAT
Rechargeable waterproof Lamp with RGB light Baby Love by Myyour.
Size: H. 35 cm, Ø 42 cm
€ 400.00 excl. VAT
Floor Lamp with metal structure Baby Love by Myyour.
Size: W.42 H.155 cm
€ 492.00 excl. VAT
Stool with RGB lamp Pandora by the Italian design company Myyour, with transparent finish.
Three sizes available:
- Pandora S: 31x55 cm
- Pandora M: 44x44 cm
- Pandora L: 40,5x70 cm
Lighting specifications: IP 66 - Lighting RGB LED 3.2 W
Brushed stainless steel 316 satin finish base
Charging method: lythium electrical induction
Charging time: 4-5 hours
Lasting time: 6 hours
Induction charger and remote control included.

It’s nature that inspires the shapes of Pandora, which live in the echoes of their minimal texture. Ethereal entities that build up an outfit out of time, playing to conceal the material that composes them.
The project makes of the versatility its overriding characteristic: Pandora can be used as floor lamps both in external and internal spaces, as hanging lamps or stand lamps of different heights.
€ 250.00 excl. VAT
Poleasy® floor lamp Pandora available in different sizes.
€ 250.00 excl. VAT
Stand Lamp Pandora by Myyour available both in the indoor and outdoor version.
€ 475.00 excl. VAT
The LED Lamp Ampoule XL by Myyour is available in different colors and both in the indoor and outdoor version.
Size: H. 205 cm, Ø 58 cm
E27 lighting kit for energy-saving bulb (not included) up to 32 W
A drop of light, an archetypal and pure form that in its dynamic impetus tells of the unique poem of a flower gift. This is the inspiring thought of a giant vase for a single flower, a work that characterises every space with its simplicity, telling the magic of its history.
€ 683.00 excl. VAT
High Poleasy® garden lamp - vase.
Dimensions: H. 205 cm, Ø 58 cm
€ 716.00 excl. VAT

Whether it is a terrace, a park or a garden, in this section you find whatever it takes to delight at best a beautiful sunny day. The waterproof and heat-resistant materials can furnish with style every space. Unique lamps will be able to light unexpectedly the summer nights, the sofas can recreate a comfortable outdoor living room and the innovative decoration will leave everybody without words.