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Standing mirror Goccia Gessi, adjustable standing mirror.
€ 430.00 excl. VAT
White freestanding mirror Gessi Goccia. Mirror 360x900 mm white.

Gessi - Goccia collection.
€ 765.00 excl. VAT
Freestanding black mirror Goccia Gessi, 360x900 mm.
€ 765.00 excl. VAT
Standing mirror Rettangolo Gessi, adjustable standing mirror
€ 386.00 excl. VAT
Standing mirror Ispa Gessi. Adjustable standing mirror, measurement 185x375 mm.
€ 557.00 excl. VAT
Mirror Mimi Gessi. 450x1800 mm Ceramilux® mirror (bright white).
€ 1501.00 excl. VAT
Adjustable standing mirror. Available 3 finishes: chrome, finox, gold.
€ 367.00 excl. VAT
Adjustable wall-mounted mirror. Available 3 finishes: chrome, finox, gold.
€ 331.00 excl. VAT
Round countertop shaving mirror Cono Gessi, Adjustable standing mirror.
Standing mirror available in two finishings: chrome and finox.

Designer: Prospero Rasulo.
A revolutionary design combining perfect proportions with pure shapes, Cono inspires harmony and relax for innovative interior settings.
€ 557.00 excl. VAT
Adjustable standing mirror Eleganza Gessi. Available in four finishings: chrome, finox, gold and antique brass.
€ 461.00 excl. VAT
Modular Mirror Arlexitalia. The mirror is jutting out of the frame. To request a quote for a mirror with special measures contact us at
Ask us for a personalized quotation
Mirror with sliding door and led light Arlexitalia Slide.
The mirror is available in all lacquered matt and glossy colors. Plant provided with feeder and led.

Mirror available in different lengths. Measurement: D.19,8 H.56 cm.

For wood finishings contact us at infogaiainterni.com.
€ 1400.00 excl. VAT
Round mirror ø58 cm Arlexitalia with standard silver-lacquered frame. Mirror available in all glossy and matt colours.
€ 390.00 excl. VAT
Mirror with storage Bella Arlexitalia, measurement W.50 x H.60 (or H.80) x D.12 cm.
Mirror with sandblasted sand and led lights with sensor switching, with door with three shelves. Inner side available in all glossy and matt colours.
€ 1080.00 excl. VAT
Oval mirror Arlexitalia Oud, size 110x80x2 cm.
€ 1050.00 excl. VAT
Rectangular backlit mirror with white aluminium frame. Led light 120 led/mt. Three sizes available:
L.70 x H.65 cm;
L.90 x H.65 cm;
L.120 x H.65 cm.
€ 640.00 excl. VAT
Freestanding magnifying mirror (x3/x5) Pomd'or Belle, measurement 22,1x14xh37,5 cm.

Belle by Pomd'or. Soft lines and evolved shapes for a harmonious elegance.
€ 499.00 excl. VAT
Round mirror Capannoli. Polished edge round mirror. L.64 D.3,5 H.63

Useful and precious reflections. Capannoli Group Design.
€ 191.34 excl. VAT € 248.50 excl. VAT
Mirror with frame Capannoli, without switch/socket. L.61 H.90 D.2

Useful and precious reflections. Capannoli Group Design.
€ 336.49 excl. VAT € 437.00 excl. VAT
Tilting Mirror Capannoli Special. White shower seat with application for invalides, L. 60 cm, H. 65 cm.

Make your bathroom accessible for disabled people! Toilets and bathrooms are now handicap-friendly with this safety equipment designed for people with disabilities.
€ 326.10 excl. VAT € 423.50 excl. VAT
Composition of accessories on three ceramic bars and two mirrors.
The ceramic bars are complete of two rings, a dispenser, a cap in chrome finishing and a magazine holder.
Size of mirror: 600x860 mm.
Size of ceramic bar: 200xh860 mm.
€ 1715.00 excl. VAT
Magnifying Mirror [x3], inox and plastic. Size: H. 33 cm, L. 20 cm, D. 18,5 cm.
€ 86.00 excl. VAT
Mirror Capannoli.
Polished edge mirror with switch/socket. L.40 H.100 cm

Useful and precious reflections. Capannoli Group Design.
€ 133.98 excl. VAT € 174.00 excl. VAT
Mirror without frame, with switch. Lamp not included.
Size: 150x70 cm
Spreading across all bathroom elements, the Waldorf collection is at the top of the Kerasan branded sanitary fittings range.
€ 640.08 excl. VAT € 889.00 excl. VAT
Mirror with frame Simas Arcade, measurement 61x108 cm.

Arcade defies the passage of time. Absolute elegance with understated presence. In one word Arcade is simply: classic.
€ 288.00 excl. VAT € 400.00 excl. VAT


Which mirror for the bathroom can you choose to furnish with style the wall of your bathroom? Find out more about mirrors for the bathroom on gaiainterni.

We don't always notice it but usually the first thing we do when we enter a bathroom is look in the mirror. The activities that take place in the bathroom that require the use of a mirror are many: combing, shaving, putting on make-up. At the same time, a mirror also has an aesthetic function: it gives light to the entire environment, gives depth to the bathroom and at the same time enhances the decor of your bathroom. The choice of the mirror is made considering the lighting of the entire room taking into account the style of the bathroom furniture, bathroom fixtures and taps. There are many sizes, finishes, shapes and styles to consider before buying the mirror. On Gaia Interni you can find products of various shapes: rounded, oval or perfect circles, or you can evaluate rectangular, small, medium and large mirrors, to furnish the entire bathroom furniture wall with style. Many models with made in Italy design to offer the ideal solution in any type of environment.


On Gaia Interni the choice of style and design will be able to satisfy any type of request. Also in terms of materials and color finishes, it is possible to find the right match with the overall style of your bathroom. For example, if you are planning to furnish a modern environment, an original product could be the flush-to-the-wall mirror, with a PVC edge, with a rectangular and elegant shape. In the online shop you will find many models of modern bathroom mirrors of different shapes capable of giving personality to the room. Instead, if you want to furnish a bathroom in a classic style, on Gaia Interni you can find some proposals for framed bathroom mirrors. In this case you can find many models and finishes that are close to the baroque or shabby style.

If you need to illuminate the wall of the furniture, in this section you can find bathroom mirrors with light. For modern furnishings you can also consider the  mirror with backlight. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a practical solution to be included in the context of the laundry cabinet, the mirror cabinet will help you to optimize the spaces inside your bathroom.

Finally, if you are looking for an object that can also be useful, you can evaluate the mirrors with the shelf or the countertop mirrors that can be placed wherever you prefer.