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    Mirror for children Birdo Ponte Giulio

    Framed bathroom mirror for children.

    Mirror with acrilyc stone frame, 5 mm thickness safety glass. Yellow finishing.
    Size: 1000x12x600 mm
    € 817.84 excl. VAT

    Mobili di Castello - Dante Wall Mirror

    Wooden wall mirror with handmade carved details. L. 101 cm, H. 80 cm. Two finishings are available: white and glossy white with gold foil details. For other finishings of the catalogue contact us.
    € 1118.00 excl. VAT

    Glossy black mirror pot Cosmic Saku

    Cosmic Saku mirror pot in plexiglass, glossy black finishing.
    Measurement: 13x14,3xh9 cm.

    Vegetable forms that grow and evolve; thus its name "Saku", to flourish in japanese. Designer Ricard Ferrer.

    Material: Polymethyl methacrylate, coated in transparent paint with glossy finish.
    € 27.00 excl. VAT

    Standing mirror Mimi Gessi

    Adjustable standing mirror. Available 3 finishes: chrome, finox, gold.
    € 286.07 excl. VAT

    Mirror Glass flush plate with LED lights Geberit Sigma80

    Glass flush plate with LED lights Geberit Sigma 80. Genuine innovation, rinse without contact. Award-winning design flush plate.

    Flush plate in high-quality mirror glass with dual flush rinse technology to save water, soft activation of the rinse, LED lights (5 different colors) and presence sensor. The technological design without buttons makes the wipe-up easier.
    You can choose the colour of the LED lights upon your taste.

    When a person approach, the LED will light up to indicate the position of the rinsing commands. To activate the rinse you just need to move the hand close to the LED. Recent surveys have shown that more and more users are interested in the "Touch Free" solutions.
    In addition, they are increasingly looking for technical and modern solutions for their bathroom. With the infrared sensors in these flush plates, Geberit is able to meet this growing demand. To have this new system installed in your bathroom, you just need an electrical connection near the plant.

    Size: 24,7x16,4cm.

    Availability of spare parts guaranteed for 25 years.
    Geberit Design Plus. Powered by ISH - Design products with Sophisticated elegance for the bathroom.
    € 774.00 excl. VAT

    Mirror with storage Bella Arlexitalia

    Mirror with storage Bella Arlexitalia, measurement W.50 x H.60 (or H.80) x D.12 cm.
    Mirror with sandblasted sand and led lights with sensor switching, with door with three shelves. Inner side available in all glossy and matt colours.
    € 783.20 excl. VAT