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One-hole console sink cm 90 (three holes upon request). Three colours are available: glossy white, glossy black, glossy dove.

€ 1939.00 excl. VAT € 2770.00 excl. VAT
Wall cabinet Arlexitalia Cocò Pizzo Gold.
Bath forniture with gold lace.
Sizes: cm L.142 D.52,8

Description: unit with 2 drawers, unit with 2 drawers, integrated top in light tech, mirrors.

Bath furniture Arlexitalia composed of modular elements with doors and drawers. Available at the same price both in smooth version with “push to open” and soft closing system, and in gola version without handle but with a flute along the door edge, and soft-closing system. some finishing panels are put to the sides and lower part of the body of the units (they are included in the price). Washbasin units can lodge tops with integrated washbasin, undercounter washbasins and surface-mounted washbasins.

Shipping will take four weeks.
€ 2325.00 excl. VAT € 3100.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom furniture Slide, L. 175 cm with sliding door. Available with two internal drawers or two open compartments. Sit-on washbasin in tecnoril.
Sizes: cm L.175 D.42 H.41 cm.

Ask us for a personalized quotation
Ottanio matt lacquer base with push to open & soft close mechanism. Oak Barrique worktop with concealed brackets. Silky 55 ceramic hand basin. Size: Top: W.182 D.47,3 Sp. 8 Drawers: W.182,8 D.47,3 H.36,3 Mirror: W.180 H.56 Sp.3
€ 4566.75 excl. VAT € 6089.00 excl. VAT
Washbasin unit two drawers, one door, matt white finishing. Integrated washbasin Full model in Milltek with drain cover. Floor drain.
Size: W.41,3 D.40,3 H.88 cm
€ 1836.00 excl. VAT € 2448.00 excl. VAT
Washbasin unit two drawers and one door, matt black finishing. Floor drain. Integrated matt white Milltek Full 100 or Short 100 washbasin with drain cover.
Size: W.100,3 D.40,3 H.88.
€ 3864.75 excl. VAT € 5153.00 excl. VAT
Glossy black or white washbasin with chromed aluminium legs. Size L.73 cm.

€ 992.55 excl. VAT € 1527.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom cabinet Class Arlex Italia.

Unusual dimensions, brilliant lacquered parts and original colours for new unpredictable plays of shapes and colours. Creativity is the way to design the desired ambience.

Bath forniture Class is made up of: upper base cabinet matt light blue Sky with one drawer and open compartment; lower cabinet matt Cream with an open compartment and drawer; top with integrated washbasin in tecnoril with rectangular basin. Ratchet or “push to open” opening system.
Included in the article: up&down drain waste, support planks for suspended cabinets, metalware and instructions. Siphon excluded.
Measurements: L.140 D.52 H. 29 cm (Light blue Sky cabinet)
L.140 P.52 H.23 cm (Matt Cream cabinet)

Bath furniture is a world defined by the beauty of its materials. The linear shapes, the unusual dimensions, a magical equilibrium between functionality and design.

For other colour finishings or measurements contact us, and we will make you a customized quotation.
Shipping in 4 weeks from the order.
Heavy load: contact us for shipping costs.
€ 2640.00 excl. VAT € 3520.00 excl. VAT
Bath wall cabinet Arlexitalia Yumi black finishing.
Clean and linear design for a collection reach in details and customizable materials.

Yumi glossy black bathroom forniture is composed of: Base for washbasin with one drawer, glossy black finishing. Integrated glass top with rectangular basin L.70 cm, black finishing.
Measurement: L.120 D.52 H.33,5 cm

This cabinet is available in different measurements or colours. Contact us for your customized quotation!
€ 1402.50 excl. VAT € 1870.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom wall cabinet Arlexitalia Class.
Bath Cabinet composed by a base for counter washbasin, Rovere Wengè wood finishing. Brackets included in the article. Measurement: L.140 cm D.52 cm H.9 cm.
Matt white counter washbasin Agorà in Tecnoril with drain waste and without overflow. Measurement: D.36 H.15 L.54 cm.
Base with two asymmetrical drawers with integrated front handle, matt white lacquered finishing. Measurement: L.175 cm H.23 cm D.52 cm.

Arlexitalia Class Bathroom Furniture successfully interprets simple and linear shapes of the minimalist style. This collection has been though in the hanging version with the practical wall-hung installation, to grant a perfectly clean room. Agorà, one of the newest washbasin made by Arlexitalia, is based on the base geometrical shape of the rectangle. This washbasin is the result of a rigorous and balanced design, based on the strong graphic impact of the geometries and on the careful relation among volumes.
Extremely essential, capacious and practical: this washbasin can be perfectly matched to every cabinet by Arlexitalia. Available both in white Tecnoril, and in all glossy and matt colours.

Clean and linear design for a collection rich in details and customizable materials.

This cabinet is available in different measurements or colours.
Contact us for your customized quotation.

Arlexitalia Class Bathroom Furniture. Design David Dolcini.
€ 3000.00 excl. VAT € 4000.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom Cabinet Cosmic Fancy Rovere finishing with one door and a white glossy washbasin in Teckstone with rounded angles which enable an easy cleaning and maintenance. Tap hole and Wall fixing included. Self-cleaning chrome trap and click-clack drain waste are included in the article. Without overflow hole.
The washbasin is available in the right or left version.
Measure: L.40 cm D.20 cm H.50 cm

Teckstone features: Teckstone washbasin have an advanced formula made of natural minerals (calcium carbonate and quartz) mixed with resin covered by a protective film in Gelcoat Premium Maxguard. Teckstone material has an effective resistance to UV rays and chemical products.
Compact collection suitable for all spaces and needs. Warm and essential shapes thanks to rounded angles (5 years warranty).
€ 524.25 excl. VAT € 699.00 excl. VAT
Wall hung bathroom cabinet with washbasin Cosmic Block with four drawers with soft close system, matt black finish. Integrated washbasin in Bathstone (matt white) with hiding drain.
Adjustable fixing systems, easy wall installation. Siphon is included in the article.
Measure: L.120 cm D.50 cm H.52 cm

Bathstone characteristics: advanced marble and polymer powder blend (5 year guarantee).

Carving essential shapes. Smoothing out angles. Marking soft lines. Cosmis has modeled Block, one of its washbasins more emblematic collections, up with the times thanks to a new high quality material.

Shipping in four weeks.
€ 2343.75 excl. VAT € 3125.00 excl. VAT
Glossy black or white cabinet for washbasin 69 cm lacquer finish and crystal knob. One hole washbasin included.

Retro': a classic and refined line of bathroom fixtures, able to create the charme of the "Belle Epoque". For this reason, it is admire by the designers of hotel, spa therme and holiday farm facilities (agriturismi).
€ 901.55 excl. VAT € 1387.00 excl. VAT
Bath wall cabinet Arlexitalia Yumi Rovere Wengè.
Yumi bath furniture Rovere Wengè is made of one unit for washbasin with two drawers Rovere Wengè finishing, integrated top in Tecnoril with rectangular basin, the waste drain with automatic drainage is included in the article.
Measurement: L.120 D.52 H.44,6 cm

Clean and linear design for a collection reach in details and customizable materials.

Yumi bath forniture is composed of a wide range of modular elements with linear drawers and shutters. Available in the back to wall or wall hung version with soft closing system. This cabinet is available in different measurements or colours.
Contact us for your customized quotation.
Delivery in four weeks.
€ 2557.50 excl. VAT € 3410.00 excl. VAT
Bath wall cabinet Arlexitalia Yumi white.
Yumi glossy white bathroom forniture is composed of:
-base for washbasin with two drawers, L.120 D.52 H.56 cm
-under top washbasin Yumi 100 in mineralmarble with top for washbasin in extra light Sky glass. Washbasin measures: l.106 D.41,5 H.17,5 cm
-base with a right door L.35 D.52 H.56 cm
-base with a left door L.35 D.52 H.56 cm.
Waste drain with automatic drainage included.

Drawers with soft closing system and crome handle.
Cabinet fitted for double taps. Total measurements: L.190 D.53 H.56 cm

To complete the bathroom forniture is possible to add a mirror in extra light glass with acid sandblast band, 13 cm, with neon illumination on the four sides.

Clean and linear design for a collection reach in details and customizable materials.

The model Yumi is composed of a wide range of modular elements with doors and linear drawers. Available in the back to wall or hanging version with soft-closing system for doors and drawers.

This cabinet is available in different measurements or colours.
Contact us for your customized quotation.
Shipping in four weeks.
€ 1897.50 excl. VAT € 2530.00 excl. VAT
Bath wall cabinet Arlexitalia Class. Bath forniture with integrated washbasin.
Class bath composition is composed of a top with integrated washbasin, cappuccino finishing. Measurement: L. 120 D.52 H.11 cm. Rectangular basin without hole for fittings with chrome drain waste and brackets.
Basis with one drawer, matt white finishing, and push-to-open opening system. Measurement: L.85 D. 52 H.30 cm.
Mirror with sandblasted band and led lights, measurement W.120 H.80 cm.

This cabinet is available in different measurements or colours. Contact us for your customized quotation!
Delivery in 4 weeks.
€ 1860.00 excl. VAT € 2480.00 excl. VAT
Ask us for a personalized quotation
Bath wall cabinet Arlexitalia Class Wooden. Bath forniture by Arlexitalia.
Class Bath forniture in thermic wood elm made of:
-plate with hole for sit-on washbasin, in thermic wood elm finish. Brackets included in the article. Measure: L.105 cm D.52 cm H.9 cm.
-sit-on washbasin Pot in glossy white ceramic with pressure waste drain, without overflow. Measurement: L.45 D.45 H.18 cm.
-base unit with one drawer, in thermic wood elm finish and “push-to-open” finish and ratchet closing system. Measurement: L.105 D.52 H.30 cm.
- mirror Yang with acid-etched band and neon lamps on 4 sides, measurement W.105 D.80 cm.

Clear elegance and functionality in the series Class bath forniture by Arlexitalia.
Takai collection has been thought in wood, but it is available also in other lacquered colours, both glossy and matt.

Contact us for your customized quotation.
€ 2712.00 excl. VAT € 3616.00 excl. VAT
Laundry furniture made of: hanging washbasin H.72 cm, built-in Mineralmarmo basin with aluminium handle, glossy white finishing.
€ 381.75 excl. VAT € 509.00 excl. VAT
Laundry furniture system with sink h.72 cm, hanging version with one door, mineralmarmo built-in sink, 26 cm high, with waste drain, siphon, white handle, gloss white finishing. Equipped with basket bottle holder for sink Round. Washing machine compartment H.91 cm with two doors, L.65 D.39 H.91 cm.

Available in two different depth measures:
- L.120 D.45 H.91 cm
- L.120 D.66 H.91 cm

Practical and sturdy indoor Mineralmarmo wash tub with rounded corners.
The value of the sink in Mineralmarmo, the functional size and sleek design of the base with rounded corners make Round an example of elegant practicality.
€ 744.00 excl. VAT € 992.00 excl. VAT

Free-standing or wall-hung bathroom furniture made in Italy

Choosing the right bathroom furniture is essential to the success of a home decor. The wide variety of proposals in our online catalog will meet all your needs; depending on your style preferences, you can evaluate modern or classic bathroom vanity units, with simple and square lines or special lines with embellished details highlighting a unique Italian handcraftsmanship.

How to choose the perfect modern or classic bathroom cabinet.

To ensure the choice of the right model, we recommend that you first of all evaluate the available finishes and select the colors and materials that best match your home decor. This piece of furniture is essential to defining the style of the bathroom environment. Do you prefer a modern, sober and contemporary bathroom vanity unit, or you are more inclined towards a  classic, retro or vintage style?

Remember that if you can’t find what you’re looking for, or you feel confused with the variety of choices available, you can always contact us.  One of our advisers will accompany you from choice-making till delivery.

We highly recommend a thorough evaluation of the available physical bathroom space, before opting for any product.  Usually vanity units, cabinets and washstands can, consoles, can be customized in size and shape; you can then order the version that fits best.  

Therefore, if you need to complete a small bathroom, you can consider purchasing a washbasin with cabinet; if instead you need a space in which to store many personal items, towels and soaps, you can, on the contrary, orient yourself towards larger furniture, perhaps with a double sink.

Mounted or floor standing?

In our online catalog you will find two main types of vanity units: wall-mounted or floor standing. The difference, in addition to being an aesthetic one, is above all functional.

On the one hand, the freestanding bathroom cabinet does not require brackets for installation and can be placed anywhere in the room. The floor version is also more roomy and therefore is usually more suitable for daily-use bathrooms.

On the other hand, the cabinet with wall mounting requires brackets for installation. This requires more attention in the assembly phase, especially on plasterboard walls (remember, however, that even in this case the installation will be possible, we recommend that you ask your contractor for more information). The wall-hung cabinet is also particularly suitable for small bathrooms as it occupies less space and makes the space appear larger.

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