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Floor lamps

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    Floor Lamp Spotty LED Linea Light

    Floor lamp with white coated metal mounting plate. Base: transparent glass. Casing: white wrinkle-effect coated metal.
    A directional spotlight, at the service of practicality and maximum flexibility: a punctual light, to emphasize the details of the space, an adjustable light to personalize every environment to the utmost. This luminaire is compatible with bulbs of the energy classes: A , A , A, B or C.
    Indoor lamp for floors.
    € 247.00 excl. VAT

    Floor lamp Jackie Panzeri

    Floor lamp Jackie Panzeri made of extruded aluminium for the structure and die-cast aluminium for the head and the junction. Diffuser in polycarbonate with luminous perimeter and double screen serigraphy, specifically designed to optimize the beam and reduce the glare.
    Swiveling light beam created by 1 LED module consisting of 18 diodes. Dimmable light with CRI≥90, with technology STEP DIM with 5 intensity of light settings and courtesy light.
    Structure in white, red, black polyacrylic paint, or brushed and colored titanium. Rotating head on 2-axis through a double joint. Miniaturization of the junction with the possibility of regulating the tightness. Ideal for offices, desks, studios, night zones.
    The collection is complete of table lamp version, wall and ceiling spot and floor lamp.
    € 400.50 excl. VAT

    LED Floor Lamp Xilema_FL Linea Light

    LED Floor Lamp Xilema with coated aluminium mounting plate and polymethylmethacrylate diffuser. Casing: white wrinkle-effect coated aluminium.

    Xilema_FL. Light modules with a minimalist design. A clear white or glossy aluminium casing combines with a polymethylmethacrylate diffuser housing a topLED circuit with CRI 90. Xilema is available in a wide range of versions. Xilema wall lights are the ideal lighting solution for hotels and domestic interiors.
    € 536.00 excl. VAT

    Floor lamp Squash Led Linea Light

    Floor lamp with white coated metal mounting plate and natural polyethylene diffuser. A generous-sized ceiling or floor lamp, like a bright airship that stands out in the sky.

    Size: W.50 H.175 cm.
    € 380.00 excl. VAT

    Floor lamp Oxygen_FL1 Linea Light

    Oxygen_FL1 floor lamp with a flexible stem and a white finish stainless steel mounting frame. Oxygen_FL1 is a versatile luminaire with an elegant silhouette and a sophisticated design. The screen is supported by a thin stem, adjustable in height through a special pin on the base of the floor lamp. A plus conceived to ensure high functionality and versatility. The elegance of black is juxtaposed with the simplicity of white and the liveliness of yellow and pastel light blue: polyurethane screens in different colours to satisfy the most sophisticated tastes. Inside, the polymethylmethacrylate diffuser is characterized by an engraved micro pattern designed to deflect the light beam emitted by topLED sources with CRI 90 arranged on the sides in a circular layout. It is the secret of OptiLight Technology™: an elegant weave which becomes nearly invisible when the lights are off.
    Conceived by designers Pio and Tito Toso.
    € 1080.00 excl. VAT

    Floor lamps Pivot Fabbian

    Floor lamps Pivot Fabbian.
    Floor lamp with white or black painted aluminium structure. Adjustable light fitting. Design Vittorio Massimo. Just as grass blades grow, firmly anchored down but still free to move in the direction of the wind, with a bending and turning movement, the Pivot lamp follows this theory, and has a solid base with four vertical elements that are flexible and allow the creation of infinite lighting facets. The lamp therefore produces a “rectangle” shape that projects an indirect, but dynamic illumination on the wall. Pivot is of minimalist design, and can be pointed in the desired direction where needed. The Pivot collection is made up of a floor lamp, and three wall and ceiling appliques in various sizes, plus one hanging lamp. All lengths can be completely customized on request. The lamps are designed for indoor use, and are available in white, dark grey or light grey aluminium, the light is directed through the light bars. For the floor lamp, which has a built-in dimmer switch, and for the hanging lamp, the energy voltage is LED, while for the wall and ceiling lamp, the energy voltage is low (24V dc, LED) and comes with a remote power pack.

    Dimensions: H. 205 cm.
    € 662.00 excl. VAT