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Furniture accessories

Wall hung helmet holder Crazy Head Myyour with compartment and clothes hook.
€ 52.00 excl. VAT € 65.00 excl. VAT
Skin Pot by Myyour, suitable both for the indoor and outdoor and available in different finishes (no light) and in 2 dimensions:
Skin Pot S: Ø 55 cm, H. 60 cm
Skin Pot L: Ø 60 cm, H. 120 cm.
€ 160.80 excl. VAT € 201.00 excl. VAT
The flower pots with light are available both in the indoor and outdoor version, and in many different colours.
€ 224.80 excl. VAT € 281.00 excl. VAT
Lamp with Led light, indoor use.
€ 76.00 excl. VAT € 95.00 excl. VAT
The LED Lamp Ampoule XL by Myyour is available in different colors and both in the indoor and outdoor version.
Size: H. 205 cm, Ø 58 cm
E27 lighting kit for energy-saving bulb (not included) up to 32 W
A drop of light, an archetypal and pure form that in its dynamic impetus tells of the unique poem of a flower gift. This is the inspiring thought of a giant vase for a single flower, a work that characterises every space with its simplicity, telling the magic of its history.
€ 546.40 excl. VAT € 683.00 excl. VAT
SKIN is the indoor and outdoor flower pot lamp with RGB LED light SKIN by Myyour with linear shapes, whose charm lies behind it’s texture.
The exclusive finish of the flower pot lamps takes inspiration from the observation of the natural environment that reveals details and geometries apparently invisible but not without importance: everything has its skin.
The indoor/outdoor Skin pot with RGB LED Light is in 2 sizes available:
- Skin S: W.55 H.60 cm
- Skin L: W.60 H.120 cm

Material: transparent Poleasy - you can choose the color of the pot thanks to the RGB Led light.
Myyour Skin pot collection shines with its own light thanks to the 3,5 W induction rechargeable RGB lighting: no electrical contact is needed between the loading station and the battery, for maximum safety and ease of use.
Maximum battery life: 8 hours
Rechargeable power set and remote control included. With the remote control it is also possible to control multiple pots simultaneously.
Made in Italy indoor and garden design flower pots by Myyour.
€ 253.60 excl. VAT € 317.00 excl. VAT
Breez garden steel sunbed.
Size: 64 x 170 x 66 cm.
€ 1006.40 excl. VAT € 1258.00 excl. VAT
Garden daybed Breez 2.0 by Talenti.
Dimensions: 174 x 68 x H.70 cm.
€ 1115.20 excl. VAT € 1394.00 excl. VAT
High planter Talenti.
Planters made out of steel treated with nano-ceramic, cataphoresis and powder coating processes. Decorations made by laser technology. The entire structure is treated in iron nanoceramic, electrophoresis, powder coating. These treatments provide maximum resistance to weather, whether rain or strong sunlight, Fioriera will keep unaltered over time its beauty. It's an handmade item. The manufacturing quality is unsurpassed and ensures an investment through time.

Fioriera olive decoration. Furnishing accessory for outdoor very original. A real flowerpot, object already present in every garden and terrace, is here reinterpreted in a modern way, assuming an innovative form, the angular lines and resolved, and is enriched by a stylized decoration cut in sheet metal and framed like a work of art. The designer Roberto Serio incorporates the aesthetics of this object evokes the feeling of warmth that Sicily, his native land, has transmitted.

€ 1022.40 excl. VAT € 1278.00 excl. VAT
Steel planter Talenti.
Planters made out of steel treated with nano-ceramic, cataphoresis and powder coating processes. Decorations made by laser technology.
All pieces can be sold individually.
Dimensions: 88 x 27 x 90 cm.

Talenti. Design by Roberto Serio.

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€ 543.20 excl. VAT € 679.00 excl. VAT
Garden planter.
Dimensions: 88 x 27 x 62 cm.
The frame is in steel treated with nano-ceramic, cataphoresis and powder coating processes.
All the items are in metal and made by high-precision numerical control machines. After the production, every single piece is subject to special treatments, like nano-ceramic, PPG cataphoresis and powder coating, which make them highly resistance to the atmospheric agents.

Talenti. Design by Roberto Serio.

€ 510.40 excl. VAT € 638.00 excl. VAT
Indoor/Outdoor sculpture Penelope by Myyour with OXIDIZED finish.
€ 1215.20 excl. VAT € 1519.00 excl. VAT