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    Outdoor Pot Skin Myyour

    Skin Pot by Myyour, suitable both for the indoor and outdoor and available in different finishes (no light) and in 2 dimensions:
    Skin Pot S: Ø 55 cm, H. 60 cm
    Skin Pot L: Ø 60 cm, H. 120 cm.

    Skin is a pot collection with linear shapes, whose charm is blind behind it’s texture that instills the desire to touch the pots. Its exclusive finish takes inspiration from the observation of the details of the natural environment that reveal characteristics and geometries apparently invisible but not without importance: everything has its own skin.
    € 152.00 excl. VAT

    Vase Halful 25 Plust

    Vase Halful 25 (dimensions 62x62x130 cm) by Plust is one of three elegant and contemporary vases. The shape of the metal structure blends with the volumes of the container, thereby creating precious totem-like items that decorate the room discreetly. The Halful vase collection stems from the idea to make a PE vase made with a minimum amount of recycled plastic and a “void” outlined by the metal wireframe. The container structure is made with regenerated plastic recycled from selected production scraps and remoulded.
    The metal structure is available in varnished colors (pure white, pastel blu, pale green) or in satin stainless steel. The vases are available with a water reservoir upon request. DETAILS
    Capacity: Lt 8,8 Material: Polyethylene Accessories: water reserve kit upon request
    € 480.00 excl. VAT

    Vase Giotto Plust

    Vase Giotto Plust.
    Small ground pots/totems carrying the name of 3 imaginary characters, stylistically in harmony with each other, but also able to live individually. Available in many colors for both external and internal environements, can also be fun sculptures suitable for furnishing spaces with a playful and contemporary approach. Available a stability base or stability and ground fixing base.
    Giotto vase is available in 2 different basic colours (Red and pearl black) and in 3 different lacquered colours (white, black and acid green).
    Design: MIram Mirri DETAILS
    Size: 43x30xh126 cm
    Material: Polyethylene
    € 189.60 excl. VAT

    Saving Space Vase Plust

    Saving Space Vase by Plust.
    “Saving/Space/Vase” undergoes a process of “compression” immediately after being removed from its mould, when the material is still partially malleable for a few minutes. The original industrial object takes on a new connotation enriched by an aesthetic different from time to time. A craft action that produces unique but industrial pieces.
    Design: Joevelluto (JVLT) DETAILS
    Capacity: Lt 54 Material: Polyethylene Accessories: stability base or a stability and ground fixing base.
    € 200.00 excl. VAT

    Plexiglass shelf for a mid-air garden Nonogiorno G5

    Design wall mounting plexiglass shelf for a mid-air garden, to accommodate the kitchen tools, your kid’s toys or anything you like to store with creativity. The clear methacrylate shelf hosts transparent polycarbonate or 7-color polypropylene pots. Patented product.Dimensions: 100.5 x 26 x H. 12 cm.
    € 221.30 excl. VAT

    Garden planter Talenti

    Garden planter.
    Dimensions: 88 x 27 x 62 cm.
    The frame is in steel treated with nano-ceramic, cataphoresis and powder coating processes.
    All the items are in metal and made by high-precision numerical control machines. After the production, every single piece is subject to special treatments, like nano-ceramic, PPG cataphoresis and powder coating, which make them highly resistance to the atmospheric agents.

    Talenti. Design by Roberto Serio.

    € 515.50 excl. VAT