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Bath Accessories - Mirrors

The bathroom accessories, beautiful and practical, can complete the bathroom in an intimate and personal way. A wide choice of complete sets of soap dispensers, towel holders, soap dishes, mirrors and so much more will be able to satisfy the requests of style of all kind of bathroom environment.  The different forms and finishes will be able to give a complete and unique final aspect.

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    Wall-mounted paper roll holder Mimi Gessi

    Wall-mounted paper roll holder either vertical or horizontal Mimi Gessi. Available in 3 finishings: chrome, finox, gold.
    € 95.25 excl. VAT

    Wall-mounted paper roll holder Ovale Gessi

    Wall-mounted paper roll holder Ovale Gessi.
    € 136.26 excl. VAT

    Towel rail 30 cm Eleganza Gessi

    30 cm centre distance towel rail Eleganza Gessi. Towel rail available in four finishings: chrome, finox, gold and antique brass.
    € 179.51 excl. VAT

    Standing soap dispenser Over Colombo Design

    Standing soap dispenser Over of Colombo Design in brushed steel AISI 316 L satin finishing with natural acid glass.
    Design: Efrem Bonacina and Giovanni Moro.
    Measurement: height 17 cm, width 8 cm, depth 9,5 cm

    € 95.10 excl. VAT

    Black wall mounted brush holder Rettangolo Gessi

    Black wall mounted brush holder Rettangolo Gessi, measurement 424x140xh95 mm.
    € 366.00 excl. VAT

    Soap Dispenser matt Grey Cosmic Saku

    Cosmic Saku soap dispenser in plexiglass, matt grey finishing.
    Measurement: 6,5x8xh19 cm.

    Vegetable forms that grow and evolve; thus its name "Saku", to flourish in japanese. Designer Ricard Ferrer.

    Material: Polymethyl methacrylate, coated in transparent paint with a gummy finish.
    € 33.00 excl. VAT