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Bathroom Furniture

A composition for the bathroom in Oakfield Sablé finish that makes the environment modern, elegant and welcoming.
The bathroom furniture proposal consists of a piece of furniture with a metal ground structure, countertop washbasin, wall mirror with LED light and a wall unit with door and open compartments. The taps and the bathtub are not included in the price.
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€ 2654.25 excl. VAT € 3539.00 excl. VAT
Composition for bathroom furniture in Ares Visone finish and with structure in nickel finish. The bathroom cabinet with top in Mineralmarble, two drawers and a lower shelf for objects is completed with a towel ladder with two accessories for objects and a mirror with organic shapes and LED lighting.
The Ring lamp in Nikel finish can be added to the composition.
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€ 3114.00 excl. VAT € 4152.00 excl. VAT
A wall hung cabinet enriched with a big mirror with industrial style. The basis of the cabinet with two drawers and minimal matt black handles combined with the squared structure of the mirror on the wall. The composition is complete with a practical open compartment in grey Polvere Opaco finish.
The cabinet proposed in this solution for bathroom furniture is in Ares Lunar finish, combined with a washbasin in Light Gray finish with white built-in basin.

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€ 2889.00 excl. VAT € 3852.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom cabinet with matt black metal structure with ground installation. The cabinet is made in a Smart Wood finish that reproduces the chiaroscuro of the natural irregularities of the wood. The cabinet, which is complete with three drawers, an open compartment and the top with integrated basin, is combined with an original wall unit and mirror with LED light.
Cabinet finish: Smart Wood Gray Blue and Matt Light Gray.
Top finish: White Lava
Total dimensions of the composition 13 Puntotre: 171x51.5x48 cm

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€ 3246.75 excl. VAT € 4329.00 excl. VAT
A composition for bathroom furnishings that is simple and at the same time refined, made elegant by the combination of sharp and square lines with the curves of the wall mirror. The item consists of a suspended cabinet with integrated top in Ocritech and a wall mirror with LED lighting.
Total dimensions of the composition: 150x51.5x36 cm.
The cabinet can be completed with one or two Ring ceiling lamps.

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€ 2087.25 excl. VAT € 2783.00 excl. VAT
A solution for bathroom furniture that combines the material effect of cement with the warmth of wood. The finishes are obtained thanks to the use of the latest generation melamines that guarantee durability and resistance. The suspended cabinet is completed with a practical ground base to hold each object and two mirrors with LED lighting.
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€ 2250.75 excl. VAT € 3001.00 excl. VAT
Wall-hung cabinet for the bathroom with two draawers and a consolle in white ceramic.
Dimension: L.80 D.46 H.46 cm
€ 662.25 excl. VAT € 883.00 excl. VAT
An elegant and refined furniture for the bathroom that stands out thanks to the vertical movement of the front that creates a connection with the background walls. The washbasin base has floor installation and is complete with two drawers. The fine lines of the front are combined with a large basin of the sink made of glossy white ceramic.
The furniture proposed in the photo has a matte white finish and has total dimensions L. 80 cm, D. 46 cm.
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€ 921.00 excl. VAT € 1228.00 excl. VAT
Wall hung cabinet created by the union of different collections of Puntotre. This leads to a game of contrast between glossy and matt.
The cabinet with drawers has a top with a matt white integrated basin in Tecnoril and with matt black elegant handles Cylinder.
Total dimensions of the wall hung cabinet: L. 154 cm, P. 54 cm, H. 50 cm. I. The cabinet is available I the colors Lacca Bruma (glossy finish for the drawers on the left and matt finish for the drawers on the right).
Other colors are available. Contact us! Scroll down for other details
€ 3100.50 excl. VAT € 4134.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom cabinet with drawers of different sizes, integrated top in Gres, handles and feet in brass.
A set of shapes and colors suitable for elegant and refined bathrooms The captivating design of this bathroom furniture proposal blends perfectly with the need for functionality and durability of the materials chosen.
The composition can be completed with the circular mirror and the shelf for objects in brass finish.
Total dimensions of the cabinet: 150x51 cm.
The cabinet is available in different finishes and colors, for more information contact us.
€ 2764.50 excl. VAT € 3686.00 excl. VAT
A classic and contemporary style for the bathroom thanks to the particular lines with a blue-green finish, give an elegant and refined style in the interior part of the bathroom.
The top with two integrated washbasin in realised in glass, a practical material available in various colors.
The furniture has in this composition two different types of handles: the cylindrical handle in Art brass finish combined with the fronts worked with vertical lines and the thin metal handle in matt black finish for the two central drawers.
The cabinet is completed with three wall mirrors with LED light on all sides.

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€ 4182.75 excl. VAT € 5577.00 excl. VAT
Suspended bathroom cabinet with a chest of drawers with Wrap 1 console in matt white Ocritech with a towel holder.
Mobile finish: Polymetric Fruit Wood.
Push-pull handle
White Ocritech washbasin
€ 2612.25 excl. VAT € 3483.00 excl. VAT
Suspended bathroom furniture with two drawers. Top with integrated washbasin in Deimos finish Cement.
Cabinet finish: matt powder gray lacquered.
Handle: Black profile
Deimos Cemento washbasin
€ 1525.50 excl. VAT € 2034.00 excl. VAT
Suspended bathroom cabinet with two drawers and integrated sink in Ossido HPL. Base with one metal drawer with Stop-Sol glass. Cabinet finish: Polymeric Dark Rockford (186X).
Handle: Black profile.
Top finish: HPL Oxide.
€ 1748.25 excl. VAT € 2331.00 excl. VAT
Floor cabinet with two drawers, Calacatta marble top with beveled profile and ceramic countertop washbasin. Sstructure with matt silk gray lacquer finish.
Drawer opening: push to open.
Size: L.119x51 cm
€ 2937.00 excl. VAT € 3916.00 excl. VAT
Wall-hung cabinet with four drawers and with integrated washbasin, total dimensions: L. 140 cm, P. 54 cm, H. 60 cm.
The cabinet is available with drawers of different dimensions:
Left drawers L. 60 cm, H. 29 cm.
Right drawers L. 80 cm, H.29 cm.
The cabinet’s top is realised in Corian, dimensions of the basin: 126x31xh.11 cm.
The collection Dresscode of Moab80 proposes cabinets characterised by elegant and contemporary details that are unified with the functionality of all models, reached by the spacious drawers
€ 3557.40 excl. VAT € 4620.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom cabinet with wall-hung installation of the collection Less of Moab80 realised in solid cedar wood. Three drawers compose the cabinet, they have push pull opening with black inside and a countertop washbasin in black painted steel. The structure in the lower part is realised in matt black painted steel and is complete of a squared shelf 40x40 cm Free positioning of the two shelves.
The reduced depth of the cabinet allows it to be placed in any bathroom, without sacrificing the capacity of the drawers and the practicality of a large sink.
Dimensions of the bathroom cabinet: 180x40x40 cm; lower drawers 90x40x28 cm, upper drawer 90x40x12 cm.
Dimensions of the sink: 90x40x12 cm.
Dimension of the metal structure: 180x40x25 cm, section 2x2 cm.
€ 5095.86 excl. VAT € 6618.00 excl. VAT
Wall-hung bathroom cabinet made of blockboard ash wood combined with a grey etched glass top with integrated sink under the top on the left side (as shown in the photo). On request, it can be completed with a tap hole.
The cabinet includes three large drawers with push-pull opening; the inside of the drawers is black.
Dimensions of the wooden bathroom cabinet: 180x50xh.35 cm.
€ 5053.51 excl. VAT € 6563.00 excl. VAT
Freestanding bathroom furniture born from the aggregation of furnishing elements of different heights with varied functions and materials. The Predefinito Cemento finish is combined with the metal structure and the ash blockboard casing.
The cabinet includes three containers with push pull opening, a black metal structure, a metal shelf and a black Corian top and sink.
€ 4626.54 excl. VAT € 6008.50 excl. VAT
Bathroom cabinet with integrated washbasin
Dimension: 193x46 cm
Finish of the composition: Laminate 099X Noce Italia Taps not included
€ 1552.50 excl. VAT € 2070.00 excl. VAT
Cabinet for the bathroom with integrated wahsbasin
Dimension: 135x46 cm
Finish of the composition: Lacquered matt white UV01 Taps not included
€ 1220.25 excl. VAT € 1627.00 excl. VAT
Wall-hung cabinet for the bathroom with washbasin in matt white Ocritech.
Finish of the composition: Laminate 113X Sablé Ascari.
Dimension: 186x46 cm
Taps not included
€ 1377.00 excl. VAT € 1836.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom cabinet with two drawers and top in ceramic Sun.
Finish of the composition: Laminate 115X Ares Valletta Dimension: L.120 D.46 H.46 cm
€ 1019.25 excl. VAT € 1359.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom cabinet with two drawers and consolle sun
Dimension: 100x46xH.46 cm.
€ 579.75 excl. VAT € 773.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom cabinet with two drawers and consolle in Mineraltek Speed matt white.
Dimension: L.80 D.46 H.46 cm
Finish of the composition: Lacquered matt white UV01
€ 752.25 excl. VAT € 1003.00 excl. VAT

Floor standing or wall-mounted bathroom vanity units

If you are about to furnish your home and are looking for some bathroom furniture proposals online, this is the section for you!

The choice of bathroom furniture is never simple and should not be left to chance. There are different models with different shapes, installation modes, colors, materials and components to choose from.

Whether you are looking for a vintage, classic or modern vanity units, whether you have a small or a spacious bathroom, you can always contact us to help you find the right model that will suit best your taste and space requirements.

In our online catalog you will find already made compositions proposed in different sizes and finishes; if you do not find what best suits the space or style of your bathroom, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you make the best choice.

If you also need only one item presented in our compositions, we will send you a quote with the best price.

Bathroom cabinets can meet every aesthetic or functional need, you just have to look and find the perfect model for your space.