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Ceiling shower head with chromotherapy and 3 functions:
rain, three water columns, energy rain.
Dimension: 620x620 mm
€ 2588.25 excl. VAT € 3045.00 excl. VAT
Ceiling shower head with four shower jets, chromotherapy and 4 functions:
rain, waterfall, mist jet, energy rain
Size: 620x620 mm
€ 2766.75 excl. VAT € 3255.00 excl. VAT
Multifunctional shower head with four ceiling jets with chromotherapy and 4 functions:
rain, spray jet, 2 mist jets, energy rain
Dimension: 620x620 mm
€ 2677.50 excl. VAT € 3150.00 excl. VAT
Ceiling shower head customized composed by:
- shower head dimension ø 300 mm, complete with rain jet and lighting.
- lighting kit lamp ø 160 mm with RGB LED light
- lighting kit lamp ø 120 mm with white light
- round pushbutton ø 60 mm panel
€ 1111.16 excl. VAT € 1307.25 excl. VAT
Ceiling shower head ø 300 mm with two functions:
- water fall
- mist jets
The shower set is completed with a lamp ø 160 mm RGB with round pushbutton control system
€ 816.64 excl. VAT € 960.75 excl. VAT
Built-in shower head with ceiling installation, shower head size: 850x540 mm.
The multifunctional shower head is made of polished steel and has four different types of water jet: rain, waterfall, nebulized jets or water column.
It is also equipped with RGB LED lights for chromotherapy and a Bluetooth system for connection to the music player.
€ 4819.50 excl. VAT € 5670.00 excl. VAT
Chrome-plated shower head with ceiling installation, with chromotherapy and anti-drop system.
The shower head can deliver water in four different modes:
- rain effect
- mist jet
- double waterfall
- three water columns.
Shower head size: 85x54 cm.
€ 3927.00 excl. VAT € 4620.00 excl. VAT
Shower head with 4 functions:
- rain, waterfall, 2 mist jets, shower columns
The shower head is complete with Led chromotherapy
Dimension: 550x400 mm
€ 3168.38 excl. VAT € 3727.50 excl. VAT
Tap 3/4" and shower set.
€ 294.52 excl. VAT € 346.50 excl. VAT
Shower set with floor installation with shower head with three jets ø 140 mm. The set includes a PVC flexible hose
€ 107.10 excl. VAT € 126.00 excl. VAT