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The warmth and the smell of the wood even in your bathroom.
In this idea of bathroom furniture there is a meeting between wood and ceramic. The top with bark effect is in oiled vintage oak: it is a timeless material, today really fashionable. It is completed by a backlit mirror and by a suspended furniture that offers an extra surface. Ceramic and wood come from the earth and the trees. They are two natural materials with a long tradition. All the woods used by Alpemadre have the FSC certificate. Suspended bathroom furniture Plano composizione 3 of Alpemadre.
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Bathroom furniture Plano 4 Alpemadre.
Is your bathroom narrow? There's always space even for two washbasins. In this idea of bathroom the base with two drawers meets the washbasin, which is perfeclty integrated on a top in Kerlite. It is only 36,5 cm deep so it becomes the perfect solution for a small bathroom. The mirror and the Street lamps are added to this furniture in order to complete the look of your bathroom. Thanks to the natural led light of 4.000 kelvin, that is one of the main features of the Plano collection, your bathroom will be illuminated by a light which is similar to the one of sun.
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The solidity becomes light and bright.
In this proposal for the bathroom there is a 13 cm high top with a melamine white Sablè finishing and with a wooden effect and the ceramic washbasin Kuadro, that is perfectly integrated to the entire composition. The base with a drawer that you can see in this picture is in sand Sablè finishing.
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The focus of this proposal for the bathroom is the contrast between the finishings and the colors. The textures of the materials meet eachother in the lacquered matt finishings and thanks to the colors the base seems to be a real chessboard. The lines of the bathroom furniture with drawers, top and integrated mineral-marble washbasin find their continuity on the wall, where the wall storing unit breaks the mirror. Inside the wall storing unit there is a glass shelf and the single door is with a push-pull opening.
€ 1845.35 excl. VAT € 2171.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom furniture composed by: 

- Two white melamine bases Sablè finishing with two drawers, size L.60 P.50 H.50 cm
- Stilè handle
- Top with integrated washbasin H.13 cm, Ecomalta cement finishing, size L.210 P.50 H.13 cm
- Two cabinets with door, size L. 250 H.70 P.21
- Two open compartments, size L.15 H.70 P. 21
- Total size of the bathroom composition: H.200 x L.210 x P.50 cm

Complete the bathroom furniture Plano 1 of Alpemadre by adding the mirror with lamp L.100 H.70 P.2,6 cm.
€ 3531.75 excl. VAT € 4155.00 excl. VAT
Bathroom furniture with washbasin Plano 5 Alpemadre.
In this idea of bathroom the furniture in Solid Surface becomes a single unit with the two integrated washbasins. The three drawers of the suspended furniture are in Melamin and create a contrast thanks to the different colors. The Stilè handle underlines the linearity of the composition while the mirror completes the entire composition.
Total size of the composition: H.200 x L.210 x P.50 cm
€ 2622.25 excl. VAT € 3085.00 excl. VAT
Complete the Plano 7 composition of Alpemadre by adding the Led- backlit mirror.
In this idea of bathroom Alpemadre proposes a suspended furniture with drawers. top and integrated washbasin with a stone effect. This effect of the top is created by the StoneTec, a stain-resistant, antibacterial material. The backlit mirror of this picture is 70×180 cm. Alpemadre produces a wide range of mirrors both with standard and personalized sizes.
Size of the total composition: H.200 x L.210 x P.50 cm
€ 2057.00 excl. VAT € 2420.00 excl. VAT
Wood bathroom furniture: from a classic tradition to a super modern one.
The innovative solution for the bathroom furniture is an American walnut top with bark effect perimeter: a classic material that becomes really fashionable. After the shaping process, the walnut wood is made waterproof thanks to oiling process which guarantees the durability. Under the walnut top there is a big suspended furniture with two drawers.The bathroom group is completed by mirror and a lamp.
€ 3445.05 excl. VAT € 4053.00 excl. VAT
Suspended bathroom furniture with drawers Plano composition 6 of Alpemadre

Suspended bathroom furniture composed by:
- Melamine base Idea Titanium with drawers, sides in matt dark grey finishing and Stilé central handle. Base of the washbasin with two drawers: L.90 P.50 H.50 cm, Base with two drawers: L.50 P.50 H.50 cm
- White polished mineral-marble top with integrated basin
- Total size of the bathroom furniture: L.140 P.50 cm

Complete the composition 10 of Plano by adding the Led-backlit mirror, size L.140 H.50 cm
€ 1872.55 excl. VAT € 2203.00 excl. VAT
Elegant and sober shapes in your bathroom.
The perfect solution for your bathroom: a top in solid surface and an integrated washbasin. The depth of the washbasin (13 cm) prevents the water to pour out, even if it flows with a great intensity. The Half Moon handle with upper groove is burnish, ergonomic and allows a safe grip of the drawers of the suspended bathroom furniture.
Size of the bathroom furniture: L.180 P.50 cm
€ 1898.90 excl. VAT € 2234.00 excl. VAT
Suspended bathroom furniture with drawers Plano composition 11 of Alpemadre.

Three shades of grey for your bathroom.
The asymmetry characterizes this bathroom furniture with Kerlite top. The porcelain grés is a stain reistant material and it is crafted by capable hands working to create the bases with integrated top. This bathroom furniture stands out in every room thanks to the three colors of the Idea finishings, which have a metallic effect and 45° engravings.
Total size of the furniture: L.140 P.50 cm
€ 2369.80 excl. VAT € 2788.00 excl. VAT
Suspended bathroom furniture with drawers Plano8 of Alpemadre.

A bathroom with a great design.
A bathroom furniture complete of two integrated washbasins, a Polyurethan top, that is always crushproof. The 35 cm high suspended bathroom furniture is the right compromise between the capacity and the style. In this proposal the Idea finishing with an alluminium effect gives a determined personality to the drawers. The couple of mirrors is in complete harmony with the two mirrors 110×50 cm.
€ 1938.00 excl. VAT € 2280.00 excl. VAT
Cabinet to furnish your laundry made by a sink unit with two doors, integrated washbasin in white Geatech, a column to contain the washing machine and dryer and a big column with door.
Finish: white- green
Misura: L.182 D.70 H.200 cm
€ 3037.90 excl. VAT € 3574.00 excl. VAT
Cabinet to furnish your laundry made by a structure to contain the washing machine, a glossy white ceramic washbasin and a unit with two doors with groove-opening.
Dimension: L.70 D.70 H.50 cm.
Finish: Olmo Stone
Finish of the front part: Avorio Velluto
€ 1657.50 excl. VAT € 1950.00 excl. VAT
Laundry cabinet Easy-Wash made by a sink unit with two doors, integrated washbasin in glossy white Geateach and structure to contain the washing machine and dryer.
Finish of the cabinet: Corten Rosso
Finish of the structure: Avorio velluto
Dimension: L.167 D.70 H.200 cm
€ 2125.00 excl. VAT € 2500.00 excl. VAT
Laundry cabinet made by a sink unit with drawers, a top with integrated washbasin in Geateach white. A structure to contain the washing machine and the dryer. It has two baskets, a container for goods
Dimension: L.164 D.65 H.200 cm.
Finish of the cabinet: grain
€ 4793.15 excl. VAT € 5639.00 excl. VAT
Cabinet Easy Wash to furnish your bathroom made by a basin unit, a unit to contain the washbasin an the dryer.
Finish: Tabaco Oak - Wall unit pumpkin color
Ceramic washbasin
Dimension: L.200 D.65 H.93 cm
€ 2125.00 excl. VAT € 2500.00 excl. VAT