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Hängende Töpfe für Pflanzen Nonogiorno G6

Hängende Töpfe für Pflanzen, Küchengegenstände, Spielzeugen und alles, was man mit Einfachheit und Kreativität bewahren will. Eine ganz einfache transparente Scheibe stützt an der Wand bunte Töpfe aus Propylen oder transparente Töpfe aus Polycarbonat.

Maße: 130 x 27,5 x H. 12,5 cm.
€ 268,03 exclusive MwSt.

Nonogiorno - Slot

Nonogiorno - Slot. Seduta di design in pelle e acciaio. Il disegno del tubo d'acciaio definisce una direzione lungo la quale si avvolge calda e morbida pelle arricciata e cucita a mano.

Dim. 64x58xH81 cm.
Prodotto a mano in Italia
€ 514,00 exclusive MwSt.

Nonogiorno - Noon at Midnight

Noon at Midnight dresses up and have a walk around the “calli” and the arcades of one of the most envied cities in the world: Venice Object with a romantic but determined mood It furnishes with style all living spaces. With its aluminium pots Noon at Midnight with its aluminium pots is functional both as a planter and as a objects holder. Plastic and dynamic, the energy lies in the steel cable that, with simplicity and grace, strains the black methacrylate sheet. Available in finishes and pots in three colours (orange, yellow and green) it’s supplied with 2 pots in recycled aluminium and with a refined gift box. Limited edition. Dimensions: 33,5 x 14 x h. 10 cm
€ 49,18 exclusive MwSt.

Nonogiorno - Snake

Small table in steel and glass. Single tubular structure that rises sinuously creating a unique design element. It can be used individually or assembled to other tubular increasing the top surface and creating various figures.

Dim. 45x45xH45 cm.
Handmade in Italy
Design Enrico e Luca Sabadin
€ 980,00 exclusive MwSt.

Nonogiorno - Lame

Coffee table in stainless steel and glass. The intersection of gleaming steel surfaces stages a game of strenght and surprising surreal highlights.

Dim. 60x60xH48,5 cm.
Handmade in Italy
Design Enrico Girotti
€ 1352,45 exclusive MwSt.

Table basse planteur Nonogiorno Davos

Table basse planteur en plexiglas pliée à la main. La force de la nature qui éclate dans la matière et vient à la vie dans cette table basse planteur incurvée main. Pots en plastique noirs ou blancs, fournis en trois tailles. Disponible en version droite ou gauche. Dimensions: 72,5 x 49 x H. 30,5 cm. Diamètre pots: 1x25 cm 1x18 cm 1x14 cm.
€ 690,00 exclusive MwSt.

Nonogiorno - Revol-ver

Design little hanging garden: Nonogiorno’s special weapon for the green revolution. REVOL-VER is the green revolution, it’s nature that enters our living spaces and speaks a new metropolitan, global language. A little garden hanging in mid-air, an ethereal object that combines beauty and functionality. Made of 10 mm thick methacrylate , entirely hand bent, Revol-ver is provided with 3 polypropylene pots, available in 7 different colors and a special gift package. Patented product. Dimensions: 47.5 x 12x h. 8.5 cm.
€ 55,73 exclusive MwSt.

Nonogiorno - Onda

Bucket bottle holder and ice bucket stainless steel handmade.
€ 163,93 exclusive MwSt.

Nonogiorno - Ozzy natural

Eco-friendly Topf mit Blumenständer. Ozzy bringt das Grün zu jeder Ambiente. Seine Stiele sind aus Aluminium gemacht und können gekrümmt werden, und immer neue Gestalten zu schöpfen. Mit Topf aus Polypropylene ausgestattet und in 7 Farben erhältlich. Maße: 9 x 9 x h. 16 cm
€ 32,78 exclusive MwSt.

Nonogiorno - Wired

Nonogiorno - Wired. Stuhl aus Edelstahl.

Maße: 55x50xH83,5 cm.
In Italien handgearbeitet
Design Alessandro Crosera
€ 277,00 exclusive MwSt.

Nonogiorno - Barras 5

Design Kerzenhalter aus polierten Edelstahl.
€ 434,42 exclusive MwSt.

Nonogiorno - Wired

Nonogiorno - Wired. Stuhl mit Armlehnen aus Inox Stahl.

Maße: 51x56xH82,5 cm.
In Italien handgearbeitet.
Design Alessandro Crosera
€ 348,36 exclusive MwSt.